Nancy Castor Sprattlin and her associates help individuals, couples and families in the Atlanta and surrounding areas with their estate and family planning needs. If you need help establishing a trust or creating a will that will not be deemed invalid or delay the disbursement of your property, please contact us. From simple wills, living wills, and testamentary trust wills to trusts and other estate planning tools, we can help you make the decisions that will benefit your loved ones the most.

We help couples with the negotiation and execution of prenuptial agreements. Marriage is a partnership in every sense of the word. While a prenuptial agreement may not seem romantic, working together in choosing the terms of a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen the partnership. 

We also provide legal and business consulting services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta area. We assist start ups and individual entrepreneurs with business formation and related matters including preparation of business plans, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, or even prenuptial or postnuptial agreements to insulate business assets from division in a divorce settlement. We also advise on employment related matters.

For a preliminary consultation about wills/trusts creation, prenuptial agreements, and/or business formation and related services, please contact us.


We Put Our Clients First and Are Committed To Legal Excellence

Diligent representation, coupled with timely and effective communication, is the heart and soul of our practice. 

Our experienced counsel and support staff are cordial and helpful while undertaking their duties with great resolve. Clients and friends routinely refer business to our firm because they know we will do our best for them in a professional and competent manner.

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